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 Blessing of the Swords

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Blessing of the Swords Empty
PostSubject: Blessing of the Swords   Blessing of the Swords Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2007 5:55 pm


All this turmoil about armies being raised in Scotland and the lengthy and ultimately fruitless discussions which seem to follow have troubled me deeply.

Yet from within a troubled spirit can come an interesting idea - as many of you might know it is intended or was intended that priests or those who follow the way of the church be able to bless weapons and armour of those who go to battle (in fact at one point the project was intended to have an ig effect, though I am not certain how far that got)

In any case, I had a vision, which might help to reduce the restlessness and lead to harmony amongst fellow Scots -

The blessing of the swords - a simple ceremony to bless those swords of any scot who is willing to wield their blades to defend Scotland. It thus becomes a pledge and a duty at once...

Some of you might recall my rather ah... impetous nature. In an effort to reform my ways I bring this forth before you all - though I believe that the moment is right and that we should not tarry.

I await your thoughts.

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Blessing of the Swords
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